1:1 Nutrition Wellness Consultancy

Do you need a personalized nutrition meal and supplement plan? Are you concerned about the adequacy of your diet? Do you want to understand your overall nutrient intake, and deficiencies or excesses if any? Do you need guidance with the supplements you take? Are you worried about nutrient overdose?

Nutrition wellness is our goal. Our nutrition consultants will work with you, to first understand your overall dietary and nutrient intake. This information will be used to determine your dietary and nutrient excesses and gaps. A blood test to confirm dietary deficiencies may be recommended.

As each individual is unique, with different dietary preference and lifestyles, stages of life and health status, our nutrition consultant will also assess your personal preferences, medical history and overall lifestyle. After a complete evaluation, our nutrition consultants will chalk out a dietary and supplement intake plan that best matches your personal preferences, overall lifestyle and nutrition wellness goals.

What’s in it for you?

  • A report of your dietary and nutrient intake gaps and excesses.
  • A personalized nutrition meal plan that is in sync with your personal dietary preferences and lifestyle. 
  • A personalized nutrition supplement plan which includes information about the type of and supplement dosage.

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