Corporate Nutrition Wellness Packages

Do you want your employees to adopt healthy eating habits? Do you want them to make healthy choices when they shop? Do you want them to cook healthfully? Do you want them to make wise food choices when they eat out or travel for work? Are you looking for a corporate nutrition workshop package for your organization?

Nutrition wellness is our goal. We want your employees to learn, retain and apply what they learn.  So, we don’t just organize a series of corporate nutrition workshops.

Our nutrition consultants will work with you, to first understand your employee profile, and the organizations nutrition wellness goals. And based on this evaluation, they will chalk out a comprehensive plan that includes not just a series of corporate nutrition workshops, but also individual assessments and other continuous messaging and motivational opportunities.

What’s in it for your employees?

  • A report of their dietary and nutrient intake gaps and excesses.
  • A daily dietary and supplement intake recommendation.
  • Nutrition wellness workshops to learn nutrition basics, how to shop, plan their meals and make wise choices when they eat out / travel overseas.
  • Cooking demonstrations, to help them retain what they learn.
  • Continuous messaging to remind them about the importance of eating healthfully.
  • Quarterly monitoring of eating habits to ensure they stay on the healthy eating track.

Each organization is unique and hence, the requirements vary. Get in touch with us for a consultation, and we will create a tailor-made comprehensive corporate nutrition wellness package that best suits your organizations nutrition wellness needs.

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