Nutrition Wellness Workshops

Do you want to understand nutrition wellness? Do you want to make healthy food choices when you shop? Do you want to learn about healthy cooking? Do you want to make wise food choices when you eat out?  Do you understand your supplements? Are you eating right for diabetes, heart disease, weight management, gut health or immunity?

Our series of nutrition workshops are designed to provide the nutrition education you need, to help you make healthy eating and nutrition wellness a habit for life. 

Our general nutrition workshops focus on the basics of nutrition education i.e.,  healthy eating, making wise food choices when grocery shopping, cooking right to retain nutrients and create balanced meals, making balanced food choices when eating out, and supplementing with care.

We also offer more specialized nutrition workshops focused on nutrition education to help you manage diabetes, eat for better heart health and support overall well-being. These nutrition workshops can help keep you on the road to better nutrition wellness.

Following are some of our nutrition workshop topics:

  • Get nutrition basics right and plan your meals
  • Fill up a healthy grocery cart
  • Cook it right! Lock in nutrients and keep the balance!
  • Eating out? Eat Right!
  • Supplement right for overall well-being.
  • Eat right for Diabetes.
  • Eat your way to better heart health.
  • Weight management – Beat the excess!
  • Eat your way to better gut health and immunity.

IF you are interested in any of our nutrition workshops, contact us and get on our mailing list. We will add you to our potential nutrition workshop participant list. Once we finalize the nutrition workshop date and location, we will send you an email.

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